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Why Coaching?

Coaching is NOT advice giving or therapy. In our busy lives, we have many resources that can give us ideas, inspiration, and motivation. Yet, we also often find ourselves overwhelmed and feeling unable to find time and the clarity to create change- no matter how much we want it!

Before launching my coaching practice, I spent over two decades working with teens, parents, and faculty helping them communicate better, shift their expectations, change habits, and achieve goals. Supporting people through transitions became a vocation and mission- more than just a job!

When I decided I wanted to become a coach, I wanted to enhance my listening and strategic skills, by learning the science of helping people make profound changes by recognizing their own talents and abilities, then having the support to vision and design new ways of working and living.

I trained for hundreds of hours in an International Coach Federation certified program. The ICF is the oldest coach accrediting organization. The program offered me solution-focused coach training, strategies and tools for businesses, and powerful peer and mentor coaching.

Visioning and building my own business has allowed me to learn about networking, branding, marketing, entrepreneur challenges, and all of the other joys and pains of crafting something of my own.

I help clients feel comfortable, quickly, so we can discuss tough topics with honesty. Coaching gives you the gift of time to work on YOU! I honor that time by helping you to leave with action focus, so you can build momentum, and notice the changes you are creating.

I believe that coaching needs to meet clients where they need it. My services include a variety of types of appointments to serve people who want to have a brief experience- and those who want to tackle long term challenges and goals.

I look forward to learning more about you!