Happy Clients

My friend and coach, Brooke Burns, has helped me tremendously with getting clear on business goals this year! Since working with her I have been able to maintain habit goals like cleaning and working out, outsource business tasks that were weighing me down, and make the decision to invest in things that have saved me tons of time! It's been a huge growth year for me and Brooke has really been an invaluable source of support through it all. She has also introduced me to people who are helping me grow my business.

Lindsay Aikman Catherman, http://www.lindsayaikmanphoto.com/

Brooke is AMAZING...hands down one of the most powerful, effective coaches I've ever worked with! A few months ago I was in a rough space and my coach at the time was unavailable. I desperately needed to talk with someone. As I wracked my brain for a coach I could trust, Brooke popped into my head. I called her up and explained my situation, acknowledging that I was working with another coach and needed a temporary fix. She did not take offense, said she was happy to help out, and moved her schedule around to accommodate me. She gave me the time I needed to give her the background of the issue, and then we dove into the heart of it. I was raw and unfiltered, feeling very exposed. Brooke didn't bat an eyelash...she held the space for me that I needed, asking very thought provoking questions in a loving, considerate way, that allowed me to get out of my pain and see a different perspective. By the end of our session, I felt more in control of myself, and had practical, actionable steps to apply moving forward. She saved my sanity that day and I am forever grateful!

As a result of this session, and the questions she asked me, I reached out to her a week later to schedule a session around my business goals. That session changed the direction and energy of my business forever. Within one month my business had doubled and since has grown exponentially with her guidance! I call her my much needed business manager. She prefers the title Mindset Mover - well suited to the work she does with and for me! Without Brooke's talents, patience, and uncanny ability to understand my needs and how to get me to see them, I would still be struggling to be "on purpose" successfully. I have a thriving business because of her!! Give her a call...you will NOT regret it!

Stacey, The Black Feather Intuitive, https://www.theblackfeatherintuitive.com/